Of all the wolf cuts I’ve seen on Instagram, there’s no doubt that Lucy Hale’s is the most refined. 

The intimidatingly cool hairstyle trend is known for its choppy, face-framing layers and a certain devil-may-care, just-hopped-off-my-Harley volume. Opting for curtain bangs instead of a heavy fringe, Hale’s take on the trend is a sleeker, more sophisticated shag. It is almost reminiscent of, dare I say it, the Rachel.  

The Pretty Little Liars star revealed her chic new ‘do on Instagram (as you do), and tagged the stylist behind the elegant shag, Dimitris Giannetos, in the caption. Giannetos’s other celebrity clients include the likes of Jenna Ortega and Megan Fox, and it would appear that he is also responsible for the wolfishly shaggy cut Camila Cabello is currently rocking.

For such a bold style, the wolf cut is actually surprisingly versatile. A part-shag, part-mullet hybrid, the wolf cut can be taken to the extreme in either direction, scaling from Miley Cyrus’ hard-rock look of 2021 to Lizzo’s recent soft-glam version of the trend. Even Jennifer Lopez has gotten on the wolf cut bandwagon, opting for the more approachable “soft wolf cut.” Hale’s cut, which is collarbone length and heavy on the layers, falls somewhere in the vicinity of 1995 Jennifer Aniston.

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